Meet Saturn, aka Doodie! This absolute bundle of love is approximately 5 months old. His personality has blossomed in the three months that he has been in foster care, and he is an incredibly gentle and intuitive puppy. He is currently in puppy kindergarten and has been an absolute pleasure to train as he is incredibly food motivated. He is kennel and potty trained, but definitely benefits from a slow feeder in the kennel. Doodie's walks consist of 30 minutes of sniffing around the block rather than 30 minutes of real walking. He loves his people more than anything else in the world and is a complete lap dog. Doodie would be content with life if he could hang out with you all day and occasionally go for a car ride. He tries to jump in the car every time we leave the house for a walk. The only thing he loves (almost) as much as his people are his cat siblings. He is very people and dog friendly as well, although he is working on manners with other dogs. He is incredibly gentle with children and the elderly.

  • Age: 8 months
  • Sex: Male
  • Primary Breed: Terrier
  • Main Color: Black
  • Size: Small