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We are always looking for fosters. Fosters are temporary homes for our animals awaiting adoption. Fostering can be as long as you can commit – a few days or a few months. You will need to be available to bring the pet to us for vet appointments, adoption events and if an person is interested in adopting. We will provide everything you need – food, bedding, leashes, toys, medicine, litter and litter box, etc. We pay all vet expenses.

Some animals don’t do well in a shelter, we may be over capacity, the animal may have special needs or we may need to make room to take in rescues from other states due to natural disasters. Examples of “special needs” animals: dogs going through heart worm treatment who need limited activity, animals recovering from surgery, bottle feeding kittens, animals requiring daily medication. Please make sure to indicate on your application if you are willing to care for a special needs animal.

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What happened to the pet. If they are deceased, what was their age?