This gorgeous pup came to us as a result of his owners splitting up. He was matted, and feeling down on his luck. Fast forward a few months, Bumble has regained his confidence, got a haircut, and is happy, affectionate and playful. He's also quite smart and happy to learn!
Bumble takes some time to get to know you, initially he chooses to bark loudly at new people which can be intimidating, but it's just his way of saying hello. After a little while he will be sitting at your feet gazing into your eyes and enjoying his pets.
Bumble's ideal home will be one where he is the only pet, and the only 'child', as young children make him uncomfortable.
Please consider Bumble as your new family member!

  • Age: 1 year 5 months
  • Sex: Male
  • Primary Breed: Retriever, Golden
  • Main Color: White
  • Size: Large