Marie (declawed) IN FOSTER

Marie was pretty fierce with us at first. But while Mallory is still skittish but submissive, Marie just needed time to settle in. She still doesn't like being held (she actually bit me pretty good that first week because I picked her up - we had a strict hands off Marie policy after that), but I've been testing the waters there and she's comfortable being held for a bit now. Aside from that, she's become a real part of our family. She's on our bed 90% of the day and sleeps with us every night. She asks for pets as soon as we wake up. She's also vocal, but it's almost always around wanting affection - she loves head scratches and is comfortable approaching everyone to get them. And she gives little kisses, too! She doesn't do much around the house, but she gets curious and comes out when she hears the dogs in the backyard. She's definitely still bossy around the kids (vocal in telling them how she wants to be pet, which I appreciate), she seems really happy with us. She's a funny, sweet, and easy cat to have around.

  • Age: 12 years 7 months
  • Sex: Unknown
  • Primary Breed: Siamese
  • Main Color: White
  • Size: Medium
  • Declawed: No