Meet our newest rescues: June Bug, Suzie and Atticus (Finch bird not pictured). These sweet babies came to us after being left in a house after their owner died. It is obvious that their human wasn't able to properly care for them in the months preceding their death, but these pets were loved. They are all super sweet, but suffering from numerous medical conditions. June Bug and Mini Kitty are currently at Metairie Small Animal Hospital, getting full physicals and meds for everything that ails them. Atticus is at one of the ZR Krewe's house. June Bug is one big trembling itch hunk of love. Her tail never stops wagging. Suzie is super skinny and shut down, but did really well for her initial exam! Atticus is a bird, so he is doing bird things. If you would like to adopt or help out any of these babies, head on over to www.zeusrescues.org. Thanks! Michelle

  • Age: 11 years 5 months
  • Sex: Female
  • Primary Breed: Terrier, American Staffordshire
  • Main Color: Brown
  • Size: Large