Cherry Cordial

Cherry's foster mom reports:

"I don't have a sofa or a TV at home, so maybe I can't answer these few questions, but he will bark when my neighbor opens the door and throws out the trash (making a sound outside), and also the delivery man(be sure do not open the door the delivery man is right outside. He is very clingy, when I am studying, he will sleep on the same chair with me and accompany me to study.

His day is actually very regular. If you have a regular schedule, he won't wake you up very early every day. He will get up when you get up and ask you to take him for a walk for a pee. I usually go to class after walking him. In the first few days, I put him in a cage when I went out, and after 3 days, I found that he would not tear down the house; I let him out when I went out, but only in the bedroom, because there is a desk in my living room, and it is full of things he likes.

He only peed in the bedroom on the first day, probably of the new environment, but it didn't happen after that. Another time, I had to go to class on zoom at 8 o'clock after I got up, and I didn't take him out to the toilet in time. He kept telling me to go out, but my class needed to turn on the camera so that I couldn't leave halfway, so he went to the toilet to pee next to the bathtub Pee and shit. He knows he can't go to the toilet at home. he is very smart. I have to take him out at least three times a day, one time for 15-20 minutes. He likes big dogs. He has become good friends with my neighbor's big dogs, and he has to say hello to them every time he passes by.

He is curious about everything about you and will take what he likes as his own. So don't put things within his reach that he might like: plastic bags, foam in the delivery box, hair ties, slippers (he likes to take them to bed, but if you reprimand him, he won't), things like sticks (combs, makeup brushes, pens, leather items, kids toys (at least he snatched my Peppa Pig pendant on day one). He's curious about human food, and when you When eating, he will especially want to try your food, he will act like a baby and even yell at you for food, but he will return to normal after you finish eating. He likes raw meat sticks and pb treats!

sleep at night! This part is very important; he likes to sleep with people and loves to squeeze you to sleep. However, don't approach him suddenly when he is sleepy or asleep; he will attack you. But he will make a "wuwu" sound first to warn you not to approach me. In the middle of the night, if you don't sleep well and turn over unconsciously, you have to be careful not to touch him because he is very aggressive at this time. If you need to change sleeping positions or get out of bed to get something, be sure to give him 10 seconds to realize that you are next to him. He likes to roll his belly and ask you to give him a massage, he enjoys it.

One more thing! He is scared with storm so much. (Poor little thing) You have to take him walk before thunderstorms, he will let you know. He probably need the medication for storm anxiety, he was shaking and hiding behind me for 2hrs. Make sure to give him love and provide a safe space.

That should be all about him, he's nice, friendly, smart, and a great friend"



  • Age: 3 years 10 months
  • Sex: Male
  • Primary Breed: Terrier, Rat
  • Main Color: Black
  • Size: Medium