Hurricane Maria-Puerto Rico Rescues Update

We successfully raised funds to transport a plane full of cats and dogs from Puerto Rico which was devastated in Hurricane Maria. The plane transport arrived in Florida on Nov. 2 and our transport driver met them and drove the full van back to New Orleans the morning of Nov. 3 where we began the intake process. Our numbers are not 100% as some of the animals that were supposed to get on the plane were not able to. The owners and shelter supporters had no fuel to meet the transport.

This was the 6th plane of animals to transport off the island on a larger scale. It took us about 2+ weeks to put this puzzle together to get the animals into safety. Some are shelter animals, some were born on the street (lots of puppies!!!) and some were owner surrenders…which was heart breaking. They had to make the hardest decision to put their family pets on a plane knowing they had such minimal supplies for survival for themselves. All of this is documented on our social networks.

View local coverage about the 60+ animals that arrived in our rescue from Puerto Rico this week! All donations are greatly appreciated. Most of the larger pet foundations are tapped out after 3 hurricanes in a row. We had a grant cover some of the transport and now need help with the medical costs…All those puppies will need full vetting. Please consider a donation via