Harvey Relief Update 9/6/17

Zeus’ Rescues has brought in over 100+ shelter animals from the Louisiana/Texas area. Most are in foster homes, some have been adopted and some are heading to states in the North where their shelters are empty or have room! We are so thankful for all of the support we have received from people all over the country and have been trying to communicate just how important their donations are and the impact it is making!

A big shout out to the “TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team”, they are a volunteer organization that is available when disasters strike. It is their way to join a larger effort by helping our animal friends in times of need by doing what we love. Their quilts have arrived in New Orleans from all over the country and we love opening each package! The kitties and puppies love sleeping on them and we are so thankful for their efforts. PetFinder helps coordinate this massive effort!

We are also grateful for Merck Animal Health for donating medicine for our rescue puppies. We have had 2 full litters birthed in our care. Beyoncé has 8 lovely puppies!

We also are thankful for the continued support of Zoetis! They were such a huge help last August 2016 during the Baton Rouge area flooding and have stepped up again to help with all of the testing and vaccination supplies needed to get all the animals ready for forever homes.

Our rescue/shelter director Michelle C. Ingram was recently selected by “New Orleans Magazine” as “One to Watch” and recognizes her tireless efforts for the animals and her community. We are so proud and will celebrate her on Sept. 13th at a lovely reception.

THANK YOU for all of your support and know that without you, we could not complete our mission of eradicating pet homelessness and euthanasia in the New Orleans area!